About my process

My art is about working through my thoughts. My pieces are about me, they’re about my experiences as a woman, as a daughter, as a lover, as a dreamer, as an artist and educator in Humboldt County, CA.  I found my roots in digital art, I had a fascination with pattern, and bold colors and this soon influenced my work as a painter, illustrator and dabbling sculptor.

As an educator I have a fondness for learning leading me to harbor my mistakes as opportunities for growth, and I often push myself to discover something new, about myself, or the experience I’m conceptualizing, during the process of creating.  

I want to tell a story with my art. My work is deeply personal, but my hope is that they don't come off as a secret. Their stories are meant to be shared, and hopefully interpreted in a way that helps inspire a new perspective. Art making is an incredibly effective form of learning, and ignites a level of exploration and play that's so often lacking in our everyday lives. I want to reignite that.